What is the Maimonides Leaders Fellowship?


” It gives me the necessary knowledge to question, explore, and defend my Jewish beliefs. As they do say, knowedge truly is power”

J. G. GWU ’15


The program, spanning a college semester, engages students with the texts and concepts of their Jewish heritage in a mature and sophisticated manner.

In Maimonides, you will convene weekly for 2.5-3 hour seminars, featuring lectures and discussions linking you, the modern Jewish student, with the ancient wisdom of your Jewish heritage.

You will explore deeply topics such as Shabbat, the Jewish Holidays, Relationships, Why We Do the Things We Do, Kosher, G-d and Jewish Spirituality, Gender in Judaism and much more.

Maimonides is offered at The George Washington University!

In the Fellowship you will also participate in transformational off-campus excursions, such as a traditional full Shabbat experience and a formal graduation dinner, where students share their impressions of the program and receive their graduation certificates.

Discover why Maimonides has drawn thousands of participants and earned a vaunted reputation internationally. Take ownership over your own Jewish journey, through the program that has already connected scores of “modern leaders with ancient wisdom.”

Apply today http://www.meor.org/applymaimo